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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Hints & Tips

Here are some great tips & hints when playing Neopets!

-Check out some of our great Member Articles & Poetry for some great hints & tips!

-The 3rd of every month is half price day in the shops. Be sure to stock up - buy stuff cheap and sell them for more in your shop - a great way to make NPS!

-Lodge your pets in the cheapest Neolodge all the time.  It's only 5 NPS per day and it keeps them happy!  Sell your omelettes & jellies in your shop for extra NPS.

-The snowager sleeps from 6 - 7 am, 2 - 3 pm, & 10 - 11 pm Neopian Time.

-Employment Agency Times
0:00, 0:10, 0:20, 0:30, 0:40, 0:50 Past the hour

-A good way to get a cheap painted pet (if you don't already have 4 pets, I'm NOT saying you should give up one of your pets!) is to go to the pound.  You can sometimes find a painted pet there, but you have to be quick to snatch it up before someone else does! Or you can wait for a painted pet adoption here within the guild!

Some great info & links!

-Click here to visit the Hidden Tower (rosecrimson)
-Click here to visit the Draik's Nest.
-Click here to visit the Fungus Cave.
-Click here to visit Jelly World's secret message board!
-On your pet species' day, you can take your pet to the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. For example, take your Gelert there on Gelert day to get free training!

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