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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Click HERE for Game Hints
Here are some great game hints! Also check out our Game Articles (includes tips!) for some more great game hints!
- Carnival of Terror - type in "custard" to get more time while you're playing (Neopets magazine)
- Eliv Thade - type "rehaxtint" to get an hint (Neopets magazine)
- Frumball - type in "frumball" during countdown on level one you get a extra life! (rosecrimson)
- Frumball - type "kougra" while playing to skip a level, but your points will be reset (Wheel of Knowledge)
- Snowmuncher - If you type "buuuurrrrrrrrp" while playing Snowmuncher, the
bloat-percentage of your belly decreases by 50%. (Wheel of Knowledge)
- Sutek's Tomb - Type "plzsutekcanihavemoretime" to receive a 30 second time bonus. (Wheel of Knowledge)
- Sutek's Tomb - Type "pyramibread" as many times as you'd like while
playing to see the next possible move. (Wheel of Knowledge)
- Usuki Frenzy- if you load in low resolution you can go much faster (can get more points).  If one of the items you need is in the bedroom by the kitchen door, it is easier and faster to get it from the kitchen. (rosecrimson)
- Warf Rescue Team- type "trappedkadoasties" to get an extra life (Neopets magazine)
- Whack A Staff Member - type in "a5paragu5" to get a bigger mallet (Neopets magazine)
- Zurroball - if you click the N badge on the spinning grundo, you can use the grundo as a ball.
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More Hints & Tips

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