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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Guild Rules & Ranks

Guild Message Board Rules

1) The Guild reserves the right to delete inappropriate posts.  Inappropriate is considered anything that may be considered annoying to other members such as swearing, typing in all caps, ranting, threatening to leave the guild constantly, and one-line posts.  A Council member or Message Board monitor will give you one warning if this behavior is observed.  The second offense will cause an immediate suspension.  (Message Board Monitors - Please notify either thetxcowgirl or rosecrimson when inappropriate message board manners are observed.)  Please remember, at times there may not be anyone on the message board to respond to you.  But we haven’t ignored you!!!  If you have a problem with a member, please inform thetxcowgirl or rosecrimson.  It may take some time to respond because we must investigate the problem, but WE WILL NOT IGNORE YOU!  Our members matter to us!


2) DO NOT post the same message more than once.  We realize accidents happen, and if the Neopets site is glitching we will assume that it has caused the double post. 


3) Do not advertise your Shop/Trade more than once a week.  Advertising another person's shop or Trades in not allowed and unfair (in effect-the person asking will get 2 advertisements a week/everyone else one).  Requesting another member to advertise for you is strictly against the rules and an automatic suspension.   Please note that “talking” about another person’s trades/shop, or directing a member to another persons trades is not advertising.  Advertising in your message tag is allowed and not considered your weekly advertisement.


4) Do not post questions or comments directed at a specific person on the message board.  Questions or comments to a specific person should be Neomailed, not posted.  If you are addressing a particular person or even telling a particular person "hi" or "good night", then you should NEOMAIL the person directly - NOT post it on the guild board.  (This is to help keep the message board from getting clogged up with unnecessary posts.)  Exception can be made for full mailboxes and restricted access.


5) DO NOT post short posts such as "how are you", “thank you” or “good night.”   Please try to have at least 2 lines in a post. You will get one warning on short posts…the second time is automatic suspension.   We don’t like to suspend people…so don’t do it!!!!   Exception-During Treasure Toss Tuesday, one word posts to answer Roll Call is permitted without penalty.


6) If you have multiple questions to ask, please post them in one long post.  Short posts clog up the message board and make it harder to load.  Please be considerate and answer multiple items (if you can) in one post also.


7) Begging is strictly prohibited!!!!  This includes in neomail.  Begging is an automatic 1 week suspension, and we will remove the offensive message.  It is permitted to request information on specific items for quests or even your shop.  However, requesting an item for free or to be sent to you is considered begging since those methods require no exchange of anything.  However, setting up a trade is not considered begging because the person sending the item can decide if they are willing to accept the offer.  This is not only to protect you, but also the person sending items, and helps to stop claims of scamming and fraud. Please realize that we may not be able to respond to an item request quickly enough if you are on a timed quest. (We can and will do nothing if you decide to GIVE an item to another guild member.  We consider that an act of kindness.) 


8) Do not post your request for a guild rank upgrade on the message board.  Do not post your request for Member packs on the message board.  You MUST Neomail Rosecrimson directly on all these matters. 


9) SPAMMING neomail is strictly prohibited…Complaints from multiple sources about unsolicited spam from one member can get the spammer suspended.  This includes the guild council and sub council.  Just because we are on the councils DOESN’T mean we are rich.  (We all wish we were though!)


10) Advertising funds that have not been approved through the guild is strictly prohibited.  (i.e.…my baby paint brush fund) If someone wants to ask about your fund it is appropriate through neomail.  Putting the status of your fund in your siggy is not considered advertising.


Breaking ANY of the above rules even ONCE can be grounds for a temporary suspension from the guild. Repeated breaking of any of the rules can be ground for expulsion of the guild. If you have a question regarding any of these rules, please neomail thetxcowgirl or rosecrimson directly.

Now that you know all the rules, click here to go to the guild message board in Neopets!

Guild Ranks are as follows: 

Junior Plushie:  0 - 24 posts on the guild message board in Neopets

Plushie Trainee: must be in the guild at least 2 weeks, 25 - 49 posts, & at least one donation to the guild & guild banner correctly displayed in your shop

Plushie Fanatic: must be in the guild for at least 1 month, 50 - 99 posts, at least two donations to the guild, & guild banner correctly displayed in your shop

Plushie Genius: must be in the guild for at least 2 months, 100 - 199 posts, at least five donations to the guild, & guild banner correctly displayed in your shop

Plushie Master: must be in the guild at least 3 months, 200 or more posts, at least ten donations to the guild, & guild banner correctly displayed in your shop

To help get your guild rank upgraded, you MUST notify rosecrimson if you think you qualify for an upgrade.  Please allow up to 7 days from the day you neomailed rosecrimson to receive your rank upgrade.  You must have the guild banner working correctly in your shop for some of the higher ranks, and it is YOUR responsibility to get it working correctly. We have provided the code and banners for you, but we cannot place a banner in your shop for you - this is something you MUST do yourself! You do not have to have ALL shop banners in your shop, just one. If you remove the banner from your shop, your rank will be downgraded to "Junior Plushie". 

Please note that guild ranks are subject to change as we get more members.  If you have questions about guild ranks, please neomail rosecrimson.  Thanks! 

Please note that thetxcowgirl is not responsible for links or information found on any sites outside of the website. Even though links are included to other web sites and other PATFA places, each site owner and/or creator linked is responsible for making sure the web page(s) complies with all Neopets and other copyright rules and laws.  If you believe any information on violates Neopets rules or infringes on any laws or copyrights, please neomail immediately so the site can be changed.

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