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Why a Day on Mystery Island is Worthwhile

by Prettyhuny (AKA actress_to_be17)

As I was thinking about what to write for the Neopian Times, I suddenly realized I already knew. I would write about my favorite Neopian place, Mystery Island. It is one of the more ‘tropical paradise’ type places in Neopia, complete with a beach and a harbor. As I was searching for some starters in the Neopedia, I realized even there, in what is considered to be Neopia’s greatest resource of information, not enough is said about Mystery Island. I knew right away I had to change that right away.

“…there were so many interesting things to see and places to explore on Mystery Island...” From the Neopedia article, Tawnia the Island Uni.  As far as a visit to Mystery Island, there are many things you can do. From shopping with your teenage Uni, to Games with your young Jub-Jub, maybe some learning at the Training School, and even a mountain carved in the shape of a Techo for the history lovers. To start your trip, going on the Tiki Tour for a mere 50 NPS is a great idea. On this tour, you will get to meet friendly natives, enjoy the wonderful scenery and the wild animals, visit one of the 16 wonders of Neopia, the Techo Mountain, play some games, and much more. Walking along the great beach, you will also be able to play volleyball with some Myncies, test your luck in Tombola, visit any of the great shops or the trading post, and go to the beach. As you enter deeper into the not-so-large island, you might want to visit the Training School, run by The Techo Master, which is one of Neopia’s very fine schools. For the poetic ones among you, a visit at the Haiku Generator to read the Neopian Haiku of the day might be super nice. Why not take your pets to watch a battle at the Island Arena? Another wonderful place is the Cooking Pot, ran by Jhuidah the Island Faerie in order to present “suitable gifts to the Great Pango Pango.” When you mix two or three items together, you might get a wonderful new item like Apple Onion Rings. If you have the money to spend and the time to help a friendly Flotsam who serves food to Mango Pango and will reward you if you complete his quest. Some of his delicacies include Pesto Chicken with Fishy Pancakes, Pesto Octopus and Spicy Wraps, Creamy Olives and Scallion Wraps, Broiled Avocado with Scallion Sprouts, and Lumpy Aubergines and Scallion Sprouts. The many shops of Mystery Island include the Rock Pool, a Maraquan Refugee Petpet shop, a tropical food shop, the Tiki Tack, a shop of island merchandise, the Island Market Place, a small gathering of Neopets user shops, and the Island Trading Post, where you can trade items with other Neopians. If you are a mystery loving guy or gal, you might want to visit Techo Mountain, which is believed to have been carved many years ago by an old Techo. Or maybe you would like to look into the Lost City of Geraptiku, which is not even a click-able link. Rumors have been told about Parrot on the Hill, a mysterious parrot that says nonsensical things. I have never found him, though I have gotten to him through the link. Seems his favorite saying is “Crazy Aisha!” because that’s what I usually get. Today I got “The Parrot says 'Pieces of Eight!'” Which I found quite funny.

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