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Battledome Starter Guide
submitted by kayyoji
a guide written by a novice for those who know even less
you can consider this like a game.
you need some starter materials and youre off.
if your neopet was made by you chances are that his stats are more than his level by a long shot. so before you train you must ensure his level is at least half his stats value. you can either try your luck at count von roo ( my losing chance = 4/5, yours could be different) or use methods listed below.
  • at first you should be looking at increasing your pet stats namely endurance(hit points) these are what will keep you in a fight.
    • you can train your pet at the krawk or mystery island training school. the krawk island one i find is cheap for starters (levels 1-10). then mystery island becomes cheaper at levels 20+. you can only increase any of your stats upto only upto twice the level. so if i train a level 2 pet, he can have only upto 4 strength, 4 defence and so on.
    • you can also train your pet with random faerie quests.
      • fire increases attack
      • water = defence
      • wind = speed
      • light = level (i think)
      • dark = endurance
      • earth = restores hunger and lost hit points ( never do her quests unless it is real cheap as the reward isnt worth it.)
    • coltzan might increase stats at random times.
    • kitchen quests might increase stats.( dont do unless cheap)
  • no match is complete without equipment and so weapons and armour are equally important. a good starter weapon for me was a faerie kougra sword available at about 1700np and my defence was bronze shield also about 1700np. this was all i needed to get started as you can use only 2 items and a special attack. i used to use fierce attack. different attacks work differently.
    • Attacking fiercely increases the amount of damage done by 40%
    • Jumping and attacking increases the amount of damage done by 30%
    • Normal Attack increases the amount of damage done by 20%
    • Defending REDUCES the amount of damage done by 20%

  • suggested items: 
    • Dirty Snow, Fire Snow, = cheap and decent atk and def
    • 2 Brain Tree Splinters = once per battle, but low price and high damage
    • Green Frost Cannon = With a possible freeze very good for its price
    • Slime Potion = once per battle Healing 10 hp for only 2k it is the perfect healing item for newbies. (i still use my one after over a year in the battledome)
    • Mud Mixture = once per battle item, this is a besy buy because of its inexpensive cost quite high damage with healing up to 5hp.
    • Snowballs = The perfect single use weapon for newbies.
  • when you have about 12hp you are ready to face your first opponent: chia clown. he will be your only challanger for quite a while. after a few matches you will realise how battles work. you will also outgrow the items you have for better ones. when you think you can take on the clown with ease and finish him in one move, you can move onto your next challenger --  Harry the Mutant Moehog.
  • to finish him off you need at least 20hp or good defence items. or you need to invest in bottled faeries. different faeries grant different abilities. i found earth faerie the best.
try buying species weapons as they can be more powerful and possibly cheaper.
my fave attack item is iron lupe sword
my fave defense item is iron lupe helm
my healing is taken care of by magic berries and slime potion
my most powerful attack ability is lupe breath
my most powerful defense ability is burrow
(this combo can do upto 28 damage against some opponents.)

i'll leave it at this and let you discover the rest. (trust me, there's lot more) 

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