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Tips for Slorg Attack Game
submitted by shadevari

here are some tips for slorg attack that i used to get
the avatar

Type "marrow" (without the quotes) after game start
for an extra life.
Do not use the SLORG DESTRUCT (try and use on first
slorg in line, this destroys all slorgs behind point
of impact) or PUDDLE (changes color of slorgs to one
color) until the line of slorgs gets very long.
Use the slow down whenever possible.
Fire away colors that are of no use to you. Always
watch what is coming up and note what it is.
Never use multislorg as it will lengthen the line.
Don't use block.
Try and shoot the frog (upper left, just below where
slorgs come out). if you fire fast enough you can hit
the frog 4 times in a row  for 100 points!!!   
To get more frogs per board, use as much of the screen
as possible.... just keep slorgs at bay....wait until
the frog pops up, quickly aim and hold fire button
after using a slorg block.... kill any that arent
blocked and for reaminder of block time shoot at where
frog appears... good chance to get 4 hits in while
slorgs are blocked
Good luck!

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