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Why Hassee Bounce is My Favorite Game (with tips!)

submitted by PrettyHuny 

Hasee Bounce has always been one of my favorite games. It is a fun game that's easy to play and earns you a lot of neopoints. 300 NPs per 100 Ps scored, to be exact. All you need to do is jump up and down. The two Hasees Woogy the orange one and Jimmi the purple one jump up and down to get the doughnut fruit, their absolute favorite food. For information on how they got there, you can visit Neopedia. One more thing I like about this game is the little giggles that supposedly come from the Hasees.

To get extra time, you need to pick up the letters that spell Hasee, H-A-S-E-E. Woogy only picks up orange letters and Jimmi only picks up purple letters. If you get HASEE in mixed coloring, you get a 20 second bonus. If you get all purple or orange, you get a 40 second bonus. If you spell out "doughnutfruit" while playing, the timer resets. You may only do this once.

The types of doughnut fruits and the amount of points they give are listed below:

  • Yellow DNF- +1p
  • Blue DNF- +3p
  • Green DNF- +
  • Silver DNF- +5p
  • Gold DNF- +10p
  • Rainbow DNF- +20p
  • There is also a Fish DNF that I've never even seen but someone told me they saw.

Please note that when you jump, the first DNF is the amount of points listen above but the second is +1p and so on.

i.e. say you got a Yellow, you get 1p. Then another yellow the same jump, you get 2ps for that second one!


Hope you like this game as much as I do!

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