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Raiders of Maraqua Guide
submitted by shadevari (Plushies & Toys for All game EXPERT!) :)

Raiders of Maraqua

This avatar may seem hard to get, but with some
practice it is one the easier game avatars. Game play
is simple... work you way through a maze of bubbles to
move treasure back to the chest...
the secret to the game is how you play it...
on every board...  stay on the board as long as you
can killing enemies by pushing bubbles into them...
aftr killing so many a "10" bubble will float up from
the bottom...get as many of these as you can...the
more enemies you kill the more of these bubbles you
the "10" bubbles are progressive in point value...the
higher the board level  the more they are worth... at
my highest level they were worth 95 each....
at the begining of every new board.. make your game
plan on how you need to move the treasure to get it to
the chest... one wrong way on some boards will mean
sacrificing a life to do it again...

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