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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Random Acts of Kindness
Random Acts of Kindness

The guild has started a new idea on a trial basis.  On random days and times the guild will throw items to members.  It will then be posted on the message board that it was a RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS.  The guild asks that you pass along a plushie to another member..  And keep passing it on until there is a post on the message board from either PATFA_Guild or Rosecrimson to stop.  (You do not have to pass along the same plushie.)  If you have a plushie at that time it is yours...and we hope you enjoy it.    If you would like to join in the kindness, please feel free however, guild members are under no obligation.  RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS will NOT take place on Treasure Toss Tuesday!  If you would like to comment about this idea...please neomail PATFA_Guild.

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