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Why Trouble at the Neopian National is my favorite game
submitted by zipflip5
"What game should I play?" many people wonder. I can tell you that "Trouble at the Neopian National" is my favorite game because it is fun and easy to play, but sometimes it is not so easy. Like all games as the levels get higher so do the stakes. Here are some tips to help you succeed:                                                                                    
* First of all, if you get confused with wich characters are good and which are bad, it helps if you name them, like I named the Usul Esermelda, the Shoyru Little Shoyru Boy, and etc, be creative. If you give the characters a personality, you will be less likely to jail the oneswho are giving you money, (I bet you don't want that to happen do ya?)     
* Second, memorize the finger positions. If you are great at typing great! You'll be just fine, but if not, the buttons in front of you are also in front of te letters your fingers should be. Read them left to right, first door opens with bad guy, finger closest to the left goes, (avoid putting your pinky on a key because it confuses you.)
* Last of all, forgetfulness is sometimes best. If you forget to press the space bar that is better, although the rules say it isn't. I often forget to press the spacebar to turn the points into gold, but I have found it best to let it run. Why? Because it seems like you get more neopoints that way and it builds confidence, and pressing the space breaks your concentration from catching robbers. Just wait until you have so many you can't stand it. And don't say the bad guys will steal more, because they won't have time to steal if you zone into the game.
Well that's all I have for you now, so I hope you enjoy this game as I do!

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