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How to Make a Pet Page to Display All Your Avatars!

submitted by kchs07sweetie1

So you want to make your own special avatar showoff petpage??

To make a simple avatar showoff page, the website needed is

He gives you a tutorial, but to see it on a larger scale instead of a little box, I am going to show you here! :)

First, you start off with a table. A simple table is the one below:

<center> <table width = "50%" bgcolor = "white" border=1 bordercolor="black"><tr><td>

<center><u>Avatars I Have</u>:<br><br>

image tags go here for the avs you have

<br><br><u>Avatars I Still Need</u>:<br><br>

image tags here for the avs you still need

<br><br><u>Retired Avatars</u>:<br><br>

image tags here for retired avs you dont have


Under each section, it says "image tags go here for the avs you have." In place of that, you will put in the code for your avatar. These codes can be found on the website mentioned above. Just copy and paste the code where it says "image tags..." You can put as many avatars you want under each section. I double space the codes for the avatars so they are clear and can be altered easy. Completely run through the list of avatars on the site, placing them in the category of "Avatars I Have", "Avatars I Still Need", "Retired Avatars." It may take a while, but it is well worth it! :)

Below is an example of my chart (with only one avatar code in each column):

<center> <table width = "50%" bgcolor = "white" border=1 bordercolor="black"><tr><td>

<center><u>The Avatars I have :)</u>:<br><br>

<img src=""></img>

<br><br><u>Avatars I Still Need</u>:<br><br>

<img src="">

<br><br><u>Retired Avatars</u>:<br><br>

<img src="">


Once you get used to it, you will not want a plain, white background. To add a background, simply paste this code at the bottom of the table code:

<style type="text/css">



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