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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Plushies & Toys for All Madness (PATFAM)
Plushies and Toys for All Madness!!  WOO HOO!!!

            Plushies & Toys for All Madness is a series of different guild events.  Read below to learn more about these great events.   

1) 1 NP Trades!


**Due to some unfair practices happening with the trades these rules are changed as of August 26, 2005.** 

1. Your rank must be at least Plushie Trainee or higher to receive a trade. Please remember if you leave the guild and come back, you have to earn your rank all over again.   

2. Hosts volunteer their time and in many cases their nps. Neomail asking about when a trade will be accepted will be considered harrassment. Harrassment not only is bad for the trades and our guild but is bad for our hosts. All harrassment will be forwarded to rosecrimson for review. 

3. Thursday Trades generally are items. Toys usually, but not always....what we trade. Neomails about the quality of items from non hosts will be ignored and be forwarded to the host co ordinator, rosecrimson. Continued abuse of the hosts can get you banned from the future trade (or the same day), or in extreme circumstances, suspended from the guild.  

4. Saturday trades are generally food items. Neomails from non hosts about the quality of items will not be tolerated and will be forwarded to rosecrimson. Continued abuse can result in trade bans. 

5. You must be a member in good standing to receive a trade. Members who have abused the hosts will be banned from trades.

6. These trades DO NOT get reported as donations. All items and np's traded are the property of the host.

7. Guild members can only receive one trade from each of the Hosts. The hosts will keep record of all trades made that day.  

8. If you have a problem with a may contact rosecrimson for thursday trades and naomis72 for Saturday trades and they will try to get to the bottom of the problem. Remember...we are here just to have fun... 

2) Treasure Toss Tuesdays

            Another event in Plushies & Toys for All Madness is Treasure Toss Tuesdays.  Treasure Toss Tuesdays is when you get a chance to get rid of the old stuff clogging your Safety Deposit box.  Your trash could be someone else's treasures.  Here's how it will work...

  -First you have to clean out your SDB of all those little items that you don't want or need anymore.  You know, the bagguss that you know you aren't going to put in your shop, the 15th Sausage Omelette that you got yesterday and anything else you're not crazy about.  Do NOT toss anything you will be wanting back.   Please be careful to only toss items you don't want!!!!  Now put them in your items in your items area and wait.

  -Tuesday morning (approx. 6 am Neopian time) we will have a Roll Call on the message board.  If you wish to participate, answer HERE! (This one time we will not censor one line messages for this purpose only.)  This will assure that you wish to participate.

  -Morning (or afternoon, or night even) toss those tiny treasures at any other guild member who has also answered the role call. 

  -If you get an item from someone, toss it on to someone else in the guild who is playing. 

  -Keep it going.

  -Be sure to keep checking the message board for those who, for whatever, reason join late!!!!

  -If you happen to get something tossed at you that you don't want to toss on, you must replace it with another item. 

  -On Wednesday, what you have is what you keep.  No items will be returned.  No tossed items will be counted as a donation.

  -Store those items (or others) for next week!!!


Please remember, your participation is what will make this work. All guild activities need YOU the member in order to be successful! If you have questions about Plushies & Toys for All Madness, please neomail rosecrimson. 


Confused about how to send an item to someone? This picture below shows you where to type the name after you've selected "Give to Neofriend".


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