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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Member Packs & B-Day Packs


***Member Pack Procedure - Member packs are available for members that have been in the guild for AT LEAST ONE MONTH.

The free member packs will include - 1 plushie, 1 battle item, & 1 food item.

However, please note you must neomail rosecrimson AFTER your one month anniversary to request your member pack.  (You can check the date you joined the guild by clicking MEMBERS on our guild page in Neopets.)  Once a week, rosecrimson will neomail all the member pack recipients for that week and send a blue aisha plushie.  After you have the plushie, go to her trades.  Surprise!  One will be there reserved just for you.  Trade the plushie for your member pack.  Voila!  You have your member pack!  If you wish to donate to the guild you can include it with the exchange, such donations will be noted.*** 

Totally confused? If you have any member pack problems or concerns, you need to neomail rosecrimson directly.  Do NOT post your request for a member pack on the guild message board or you will become INELIGIBLE to receive a member pack and you may also be temporarily supsended from the guild.

Also, if you repeatedly neomail rosecrimson BEFORE your one month anniversary requesting your member pack, you may be ineligible for a member pack and  may be temporarily suspended from the guild.

jabronagh is in charge of birthday packs. To receive a birthday pack, you must post your birthday on the guild calendar. On your birthday, you will receive a birthday card & a free plushie from jabronaghDo NOT try to post your birthday more than once a year (in other words, do not try to CHEAT), as we are keeping track of who gets birthday packs and on what dates. To receive a birthday pack, you must have been on your Neopets account within the last 14 days. We will NOT send b-day packs to people who have been inactive 15 days or more, unless you have made prior arrangements with jabronagh (for example, you mailed him ahead of time to tell him you're going on a 3 week vacation, etc.).
Do NOT post a request for a birthday pack on the guild message board. Posting a birthday pack request on the guild message board may make you INELIGIBLE to receive a pack until the next year! If you have questions regarding birthday packs, please neomail jabronagh!!

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