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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

Welcome! Don't know where to start? Please read Guild Info & Rules and Fun Guild Events. Don't forget to support all our Guild Shops too! Get Guild Banners and Guild Mall Codes HERE!
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Office Supplies

Suggestions for the guild? Neomail thetxcowgirl or email her at


Does your pet have what it takes to be pet of the month?  Does your shop have what it takes to be shop of the month?

If you want to enter your pet or your shop, please neomail rosecrimson, stating WHY you think your pet should be POTM or WHY you think or shop should be SOTM. Title the neomail POTM or SOTM. 

The first class member of the month is given to a member who has gone "above and beyond" the call of duty for the guild!  You cannot enter this by neomail - you will be chosen because of good things you have done over the past month for the guild.

For more info or to see the recent honorees, click here!

Good luck to all members, and happy neopetting!! 

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