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Better Than You Contest
Welcome to our Better Than You Contest! To win this contest, you must get the highest score in a particular game. The winner of our last contest (Extreme Potato Counter) was naomis72
This week's game is Usuki Frenzy. It's an EASY game, so you better enter! To enter this contest, please submit your highest score in this game to thetxcowgirl (via neomail OR email - no later than Saturday, May 22.
***Please note you MUST obtain the score during the contest week only. You CANNOT submit a score that you got weeks or months ago.
Title the mail "Better Than You".  The person who has submitted the highest score by the end of the contest date will win a Blue Blumaroo Plushie. You can't win if you don't mail thetxcowgirl with your highest score!  Good luck gamers!
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