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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Ice Cream Factory Tips
submitted by pubba_kate17

In the world of Neopets, I feel there is little I succeed at. Once upon a time, I ventured into the world of a Chia finding his way out of the factory. I helped him, and he helped me succeed. I’m going to tell you about my favorite game - Ice Cream Factory.

Ice Cream Factory is wonderful - it is one of the reasons I have been able to make so many neopoints in such little time. Sure, it takes forever to play, but it’s worth it! Ranking up lives is the key point, because although you may be good at dodging those flying scoops, you may not make it through the warehouse alive! Actually, on the night (actually, it was 3 am) where I scored my highest score ever, the warehouse was my downfall.

The key to the game, is to look beyond the flying ice cream - try to see past the screen, if you know what I mean. Focusing on something other than your target can give you a clearer view of what is happening. That way, instead of watching scoops AROUND you, you can see ALL of them! Also, it helps to collect ever single minus sign (slows down the scoops) that comes your way! With those tips in mind, you may get a better score than 8,030 someday.

Practice hard, reach the top and...oh yeah...Have a Nice Day!! :D

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