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Plushies and Toys for All! (PATFA)

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Meet naomis72 - Guild Relations
Meet Your Guild Relations Representative
Hi everyone, I am known as naomis72 on neopets. I have 4 children - 3 girls and a boy all aged between 7 - 14 yrs old. As many already know i live in Sydney, Australia - yes the wonderful land of down under. I have been playing neopets for some time now and actually my daughter got me started, lol. Two of them are still playing on neopets. They aren't online as much as I am but I help them with all their daily links and their retocking, one my favourite passions here on neopets, lol. I love to buy anything that fancys me and love to work on backgrounds and things like that too. My other favourite past times on neo is to help as much as i can in my guild, The Plushies and Toys For All Guild, a great place that i have met wonderful new neofriends. That is what helps me keep going here on neo especially in times when I feel sad. I also love buying really rare plushies and toys and reselling them to make that extra "very needed" neopoints. Unfortunately I very seldom play games anymore b/c of work and family commitments and rely on looking for rarities and reselling them for a higher price in my trades, lol. I guess that's all I know these days,lol.
Speaking of work I am currently in the family restaurant business and help manage the place. My other hobbies besides neopets is art, my most favourite real life passions. I was in graphic school in recent years but didn't continue silly me. I still love free hand drawings such as still-life and plain black and white. When i have the time (which is hardly ever these days) I love to draw sketches of people and I don't know why but i guess it's a way of understanding other people's expression.
So basically this is who I am, I hope this can shed some background light for those who do not know me as of yet and also I am hoping to meet more and more wonderful neofriends, so feel free to mail me anytime.

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