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Whack-A-Kass Avatar is Easy as 1-2-3

submitted by kayyoji
To get the Whack-A-Kass avatar score 850+ points. The method below, though confusing, is a trophy winner given to me by the top-of-the-top on the high score tables -- _shogan_. It helped me get the avatar on my first shot. good luck. 
You can use either mouse or spacebar but i prefer spacebar.
initial hit ::::^.......;1:::^...;2:::^..;3::^..;4:^.;5:^.;___________P
: = going up, press and hold space bar.
^= peak height (levelling off)
. = floating (flapping wings)
; = press and hold space bar (no flapping wings)
1-5 = bounce# ("boing" as heard on speaker)
__ = sliding, hold spacebar (no flapping wings)
P = flag.

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