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Using Games for Your Primary Source of Neopoints
submitted by shadevari 

			   people have asked what games I play most for neopoints(since my shop is 
                           a gallery), so i thought i would give a run down on my "daily" games 
                           for neopoints...
                           remember, neopoints are after 3 times submitted and that this is the 
                           limitations i have placed on what min. scores to submit for maximum 
                           neopoints, they are not set for beginners...
                           GAME			SCORE SUBMITTED		NEOPOINTS
                           Dubloon Disaster	      		171+		3000
                           Hannah Ice Caves		complete last level	3000
                           Ultimate Bullseye	      		46+		1104+
                           Turmac			      	700+		2100+
                           Wack a Kass		      	1000+	        	1980+	
                           Meerca Chase		      	450+	   	1350+
                           Potato Counter	 	      	70+		1470+ 
                           Chia Bomber		      	300+		1800+
                           Snowmuncher		      	3000+		1800+
                           Destructo Match2	      		1000+		1050+
                           Dice Escape		      	1000+		1500+
                           these are the games I play everyday for neopoints, I also play 
                           different promo games that are on and that change  frequently... by following 
                           this layout and throwing in the other games, and wheels, I average 
                           20-25k a day.
                           Hope this answers any questions and helps anyone looking to make games 
                           their main income...   

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