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More Slorg Attack Tips
submitted by julita213, but all tips/advice are FROM evilreeiow

this help was give by evilreeiow and it goes like this:

*julita213 wrote:
do you have any tip for the slog game?? cause i'm trying to get the

*evilreeiow Replied:
make sure you always aim to the left with shots you dont want to try to
hit the frog.  he is worth 25 points each time you hit him.  you cant
do this on level 3 becuz of the way the slorgs move.  ALWAYS use the
"slowdown" shot.  they are green.  if you use any other special shot it
nullifies the slowdown.  i only waste the slowdown if i get a pink "slorg
destruct" and i really need it.  for level 1...practice until you get
at least 100 points.  line up the slorgs so there are 2 of a kind in a
row and wait for the slowdown.  kill some of them till you only need to
kill a few more to win the round.  then keep aiming for the froggy!!! 
an extra 100 points a round is a great bonus.  also, if you lose a guy
type in marrow for an extra life.  good luck!!!

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