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Tyrannian Mini Golf Guide
as posted on the boards by others, info pasted together by shadevari

Game Specs: Secret Char, Wooden Ball, 18 holes.


Go to the character select. Leave the mouse alone. Press TAB (the
button above caps lock) UNTIL the CHOMBY is selected. Press Tab ONE more
time, and then press ENTER, you'll get the secret character

Hole 1:

Look at the letters HE in the word THE in the beginning of the text at
the bottom. Put your fingertip of the cursor to the top left of the E
and the top right of the H, and click, use the secret character for all
of these by the way, and wooden ball. Do this and yuo'll get a hole in
1 for 75 points.

Hole 2:

Look at the B in BUTTON. Place the fingertip of the cursor at the
BOTTOM LEFT of the B, and shoot the ball, you will get a hole in 1. That's
another 75 points, giving you a total of 150 points.

Hole 3:

This hole is VERY tricky.

For whole 3, look at the T in SHOOT. Line the fingertip of your mouse
cursor up with the exact top middle of the T. That's where the
horizontal and vertical lines of the letter join. Move the fingertip up TWO
pixels*, and shoot.

* = A pixel is the little dots of color that make your computer's
monitor show color.

If you look closely, you can see the cursor moves VERY SLIGHTLY
upwards. That's what you need to do.

Hole 4

Pretend the V in MOVE is a rectangle. Put the fingertip of the cursor
in the center, and fire. Hole in 1 - 75 points, total points - 300
(hopefully if you did hole 3 right). That is to say, you should do it in
line with where the two lines of the V join up, just above it.

Hole 5

This whole is very tricky, and it's only possible to get a hole in 2 on
this hole.
First Shot: Look to the right of where your golf ball is. You will see
some dark red boundaries. On the lower one, move your cursor (which
should now be a hand) to the point of it, so that the tip of the finger is
hitting the right-to-left-upwards slope, and the bottom right corner of
the wrist is hitting the right-to-left-downwards slope. Shoot the ball.
Second Shot: Set your shot to be maximum power, that is to say, move
your cursor away from the ball. Look at the semi-transparent black oval,
and adjust your shot to go downwards halfway between 6 o'clock and 7
o'clock. Look at the tree in the middle of the game area. Look at the top
right set of leaves. Look at the furthest-right leaves on it. Make sure
the edge of the black circle {C}
Make sure the edge of the black circle goes in between them, then fire.
Normally the ball will edge towards the hole, and then just fall in at
the last second.

Hole 6.

Look at the T in THE in MOVE THE MOUSE. Click the fingertip of the
cursor at the TOP RIGHT of the T. hole in 1. You SHOULD have 400 points now
if you've been following my guide exactly.

Hole 7:
- First Shot: Click the mouse at the point halfway between the top left
and the top middle of the second "T" in "BUTTON". This will sometimes
go in the hole for a hole in 1 & 75 points. Normally it gives an easy
shot for an Eagle, for 50 points.
- Second Shot: If the ball didn't go in, take the easy eagle shot for
50 points

Hole 8:
- First Shot: Click the mouse at the top right of the second "T" and
top left of the "O" in "BUTTON"
- Second Shot: Shoot the ball in a 1 o'clock direction at full power.
This will normally put it in the top right section of this part of the

Hole 9:
There is four parts on this hole, mainly because it used to be a 9-hole
game, before they released the "back 9".
- First Shot: Look at the hole above you and to the right. Position
your cursor at the point where the silver lining of the play area crosses
and changes the direction above the hole, and shoot.
- Second Shot: Straight shot into the hole
- Third Shot: Click the mouse at the top right of the "?" in the hole
- Fourth Shot: You need to get a bit lucky here. Shoot the ball in a
direction which would just be above 3 o'clock (2:50 o'clock? ) at about
50%-70% power. This will normally go into the hole

Hole 10

Click the mouse in the middle of the horizontal line in the "A" of

Hole 11:

Click the mouse at the top middle of the second "T" in "BUTTON"

Hole 12:

Click the mouse at the bottom middle of the "S" in the second "MOUSE"

Hole 13:
- First Shot: Aim for the bottom left of the tree on the left above
you. Fire. This will hopefully go in the third-from-left hole in this
section of the hole.
- Second Shot: Should be a straight shot. If it isn't, you should
always be able to get it in your third shot.
- Third Shot: Straight shot

Hole 14:
- First Shot: Click the mouse at the top middle of the "Y" in the title
of the hole. Make sure it's at the top in between the two upwards
prongs of the Y, NOT at the top of the vertical line of the Y. This will
send the ball into the hole
- Second Shot: Do a steady shot so that it bounces only once against
the wall and then goes into the area where the hole is. Normally the ball
will go in. If not, you can normally get the ball in the hole on your
third shot.

Hole 15:
- First Shot: Click the top right of the "E" in "THE" in "MOVE THE
MOUSE". The ball will either go a) into the straight bit of the area where
the hole is  b) It will go into the lava section
- Second Shot: Shoot the ball over the hill at an angle if you got into
the section with the hole for an Eagle & 50 Points. If not, shoot the
ball into the entrance of the straight section of the hole.
- Third Shot: Shoot it over the hill at an angle

Hole 16:
- First Shot: Pretend the "O" in the last "TO" is a square. Click the
bottom left of the "O" in "TO".
- Second Shot: Shoot the ball straight downwards, so the black aiming
line is completely straight and vertical, at full power

Hole 17:
- First Shot: Click the top of the second "L" in "BALL".
- Second Shot: Look at the tree in the middle of the area. Look
directly above it near the top of the play area. Look at the dark red boundary
of the hole. Click the corner which changes the direction of the dark
red boundary from downwards left to right where it goes to upwards left
to right. Note that this must be the corner that is joined with the
brown ground, not the silver boundary.

Hole 18:

First Shot:
Top right of the "T" and top left of the "O" in "TO" in "BUTTON TO

Second Shot:
Straight shot to the hole.

Third Shot: Straight shot to hole. Shoot at about 75% power.

Fourth Shot:
Look at the large rock below the ball. It has a ~ kind of top. Aim the
ball for the middle of the indent in the rock.

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