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Scammers 101
submitted by shadevari

These are some quick and easy steps to use to spot scammers (especially with coco roller codes and high priced avatar items) These are just warning signs but so far over 90% effective and as of the writing of this article, I have a 87 frozen and or busted count going to back that up.


1) Pets?    Are the pets basic or painted?  Painted pets show some investment in the account, and a lot of users will not risk that by scamming.


2) location?   Very important especially with cocoroller codes, to be able to have the game and give out codes they must be in the United States. The game is only available to US cell carriers, and if they say they never changed the location, just neomail me with the code before you tip them or whatever they are asking for a very easy to get free code.


3) scores?        This number indicates the number of different games that the person has sent scores for. A low number is a sign of low or little game play and should have you asking just where they get their nps from?


4) shop?           A shop with no items or nothing but junk items in it selling for outrageous prices and then combined with low game play is a big warning sign )basically a red flag waving) that this is a scammer.


5) Avatars?    Low number of avatars(20 or less) indicates that they do not collect them and will not have that highly priced avatar item such as FQD, BGC OR MSPP. Also that they will not actually pay for the cocoroller game.


6) Account Age?          This used to be a good way, but no longer able to really use this as a 2 years account was considered to be trusthworthy, but no more. Have seen 56month accounts scam and risk freezing so this really isn’t a good indicator any more.


7) trades?         OK this is a biggy right now, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, DO NOT LOAN ITEMS  for less collateral than is needed to replace the item. Neopets are not doing anything about people “stealing” loan items through trades as no rule has been broken and the trade is accepted, basically yes morally wrong to do this but not against the rules, and it is rampant on the boards these days due to this…. Have seen FQD after FQD go this way  and yes even the 7 million np MSPP.


8)fake login and cookie grabbers          ok real simple here there is no cheats or hacks for neopets so don’t go looking, most of the sites advertising this are cookie grabbers (your login information is in your cookies!!) don’t accept any files via messengers that you don’t know they may contain Trojans (viruses that allow someone else to remotely access your computer while you are online)  fake logins on shop pages and other pages are just that  FAKE they then send that info to the “scammer” to use to clean your account out, neopets only has one login screen and will not ask for it on any other page but that one and will not ask for it via email (they know your login information   they don’t need you to email it to them)


To wrap it up, basically if it is to good to be true, then DON’T!, if you are in doubt  then just ask me; I’ll be more than happy to help, if you come across any scammers, fake logins or emails asking for login information  PLEASE report it at once and help clean neopets up some by help taking the garbage out.

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