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Why Nimmo's Pond is My Favorite Game
submitted by rosecrimson
Truthfully, I have too many favorite games. However, one I really like is Nimmos Pond. The object of the game is to keep yourself from being flattened by the various lily pads that come your way. To do this, you are given a weapon called rapid fire (more about other weapons later) to begin with and three bombs. The main hint on this game is DO NOT MOVE!!!! Once you move in this game, you become the energizer bunny and just keep going and going and going!  

  • Controls-You control Nimmo with the arrow keys. I suggest that you dont put your fingers on the up and down keys. Its too easy to accidentally touch one move. You also have the bomb key b and the tongue v. Space bar fires your weapon.
  • Bugs- Sometimes when you hit a lily pad, a bug flies away. These can be very good. To catch one use the tongue, v. Each color of bug does something different. 


            Blue-Paddle Power

            Green-Rapid Fire (Weapon)

            Yellow-Spread (Weapon)

            Orange-Launcher (Weapon)

            Black-Bomb (Weapon) 

  • Paddle Power-Paddle power is the blue bar on the right. If you run out of paddle power, you will be unable to turn. When, you have nothing coming at you, you may want to stop spinning and let the bar recharge.
  • Health-Health is represented by the red bar on the left. If you run out, Nimmo sinks. 

If you see a lily pad heading your way, you have two choices. First, you can use one of your bombs. Wait to use this till the lily pad is relatively close. And you can fire like crazy, and hope for the best. But remember, the smaller the lily pad, the less damage a hit will do to you. I suggest that you save your bombs for the large lily pads that you cant shoot and break up in time.

If you remember the first rule of this game, DO NOT MOVE!!! You can do well.

I hope you like this game to try it out click here

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