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How Can I Earn Lots of Neopoints?
submitted by rosecrimson
A lot of people wonder, "How can I earn neopoints?"  A lot of people really have no clue.  So this article is for those who visit the Soup Faerie a lot, or find you have trouble affording what you really want, or newbies who aren't sure what they are doing.  I will outline a series of ideas of what can earn you neopoints, but it is always up to you to use the information.

         Open a shop-List your shop on Fan pages, the Chat board.  But remember, you can only list your shop on the Guild message board once a week.  You can also advertise your shop in the tag line of your posts.  This is not considered your once a week for the guild.

         Open a bank account-Seems silly, but after you start getting money put half of what you sell in your shop into your bank account.  Use the rest of your money to restock. 

         Shop pricing-Use the shop wizard!  Sounds elementary, but I am forever going into shops and finding things extremely overpriced.  I won't buy unless it is a pretty good deal (okay, occasionally a mercy buy), and a lot of people think that way.

         Play games-Even if you aren't any good, that's np's that you wouldn't have had if you hadn't played.  Always try the featured game.  Try it, it may be one of your favorites.

         Shopping Sprees-It's okay to shop for items you want but spread it out.  That way, if you need money for a really good deal you will have some.

         Pocket Money-Don't run around with a lot of pocket money.  First, sometimes you can get it stolen as a random event.  (it happened to me!)   And second that way you will have to think before spending money.

         Use half price day-But don't rely in it.  Be sure you know what you can sell it for.  It's easy to get carried away.  Don't use all your money on deals.  You could get caught short.

         Don't go to the Auctions unless you are very sure of your prices-It is very easy to lose a lot of np's in the auctions.  People tend to get carried away.

         Be sure you do your daily neolinks!-It's easy to forget.  But if you sell the jelly and omelette, that's 20 np's you didn't have.

         Go to the Snowager!-If you do manage to get something, that's something you can sell for free!

         Trades-Check the Shop wizard to make sure you are getting a good deal.

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